Muslim Friendly Countries Companies can Go to for Next Team Building Activity

In any company, team work and the ability to work closely with others are essential for the company’s overall success. Any good manager should realise this and hence, organise team building events and activities. Team building is essential to foster better relationships, improve camaraderie, boost morale and ultimately improve productivity among employees in any company.

In today’s world, more Muslim employees are joining the workforce and playing crucial roles in elevating their companies’ success. They too take part in team building events and activities organised by their management. However, sometimes these team building events and activities are catered largely for the majority non-Muslim employees. This can be rather inconvenient for Muslim employees as they can find it rather daunting to find Halal food or Muslim friendly amenities in cities where the team building activity is being held at.

Managers who are tasked to organise team building activities should take better note of their Muslim employees’ plight and do more to accommodate and cater to their needs. The first logical thing they can do is to organise the next team building activity in a Halal and Muslim friendly city.

They can start by searching for cities that are Muslim friendly. These cities should have Halal and Muslim friendly hotels, food and of course activities. Muslim friendly hotels can include those that have prayer facilities within the premises or nearby the hotels and are near Halal amenities. Food is equally essential not just for the Muslim employees but also for the rest of the team. Whether the manager needs to organise team building events in specific cities and need to find nice halal food in Singapore, good halal restaurants in London or even great halal treats in Bangkok, they need to ensure that the food is Halal, prepared according to Muslim laws and of course, delicious.

And what team building event is complete without team building activities. These activities need to be Muslim friendly like allowing Muslims to dress appropriately, avoiding contact between people of opposite gender or be near places where Muslims can perform their daily prayers.

But with the vast amount of options found online, which should managers choose to aid them in organising the next team building event? One good and reliable source to definitely check out are online Halal guides. Online Halal guides will curate up to date information about Halal and Muslim friendly cities around the world. They usually display information on Halal and Muslim friendly hotels to stay at and eateries to dine at or cater from. They also include information on Muslim friendly and Halal attractions like landmarks, monuments and historical sites to visit and even activities to carry out at the cities. Some Halal guides even offer ways to book these Halal and Muslim friendly amenities directly from their website so managers don’t have to waste too much time and effort on checking the respective amenities to do so.

One such example of an online Halal guide that curates information on Halal and Muslim friendly amenities and offers direct bookings is, a site for Muslim conscious travellers. Regardless of whether managers are searching for affordable halal restaurants in New York, exciting Muslim friendly activities in Singapore, superb halal food in Tokyo, Muslim friendly hotels in London or even delicious halal food in Hong Kong, HalalGo is a definitely a website to check out for the next memorable team building event.

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